Monday, October 30, 2006

Veiled Iranian Female Karate Team to Boycott Doha Games

This news is out of a Tehran based news company (ie: regime-friendly). I only have one comment, and that is . . . . . . LOL!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry, they can still play taekwondo.

Iran's female karate team are to boycott the Asian Gamses in Doha (Dec. 1, 2006) after the Asian Karate Federation refused to approve the wearing of Islamic head scarves during bouts.

"The ban on headscarves for the karate team had been imposed due to a technical matter related to what to do if the garment slips during a bout." Iranian Karate Federation.

Iranian female athletes in taekwondo, another martial art in which Iran traditionally excels, will not be affected as in that sport fighters wear head guards that fully secure the headscarf in a fight.



Anonymous said...

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Sildenafil Citrate said...

I remember I was there in that country I'm so surprised how women in that country have learned the karate's technique.

Anonymous said...

what do you may know about men in iran may be mostly based on what the media gives you as information, abusive and agressive men may be anywhere around the world and considering iranian men as agressive is very unfair, iranian men in our genration appreciate the humanitary values of a woman as they are sometimes even more important and infuencial than men to the success and prosperity of our socity so please don't judge our people with the same scale that you judge our government, many of my countrymen were killed protesting to the current condition in iran, for the sake of their innocent blood don't consider us the same as the people ruling us.